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  Abacus facilitates access to your records through Box Level, File or Document Level Retrieval or even web and digital retrieval.

A stable and securitized document management software offers anytime access to clients. Clients can log in and retrieve or request for a document, either for physical delivery at site or digital delivery via email.
Docutrak from Abacus offers a full cycle service for your records by following three elementary steps.
Create an accurate database of your records
Write the database on CDs. Digitize the record to facilitate web access
Classify the documents as active and passive. Further classify the active documents in terms of priority
Barcode – Box – File – Document
Transport the boxes to a location prespecified on the barcode
Offer services such as regular retrieval of physical documents (within 24 hours) Urgent Retrievals, Emergency Retrievals (holiday and out of office hours) and Electronic Retrievals (if the documents have been digitized on customer request
  Our clients can now have their documents retrieved as and when desired without having to invest in expensive real estate and infrastructure for storing and managing the information.