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  Abacus India is a Document Storage and management company. It is the sister concern of M/s. Bulwark Warehousing Co., established more than 30 years back and which is one of the leading warehousing companies in Mumbai. It has had the privilege of handling the document management operations of leading multinational companies in Mumbai.

Besides operating from a central location in Mumbai, Abacus has strengthened its document services through a stable and state of the art software which controls the operations of a scientifically laid out secure, dust free and pest free storage area and can offer full cycle service to customers.

Abacus India ensures that while offering a host of services associated with efficient storage and management of documents, it maintains confidentiality and processes documents in a highly securitized manner.

A professional and reliable team of personnel are authorized to interact and deal with customers , not only for the storage and management of physical records but also for digital access of documents.